Brand: Del Toro Shoes

MC: Matthew Chevallard/25/Miami Beach

Favorite shoe brand/favorite apparel brand:
MC: Del Toro Shoes/Tailored Clothing/Brunello Cucinelli/Visvim

What made you want to start the brand?
MC: Seeing a void in the market and a passion for style and fashion. Also not wanting to work for anyone and being responsible for my own fate.

Why are the shoes Made in Italy and what benefit does sourcing internationally provide?
MC: I chose Italy because I am from there and there is no finer product in the world than Made in Italy. Italy makes amazing shoes using the finest leathers and components and offering product from here at an accessible price points gives me a huge leg up in the industry. The comfort and feel of a Made in Italy shoe is hard to replicate anywhere that is an old, old testament that is hard to challenge.

Talk about the different silhouettes you offer.
MC: Our staple is the velvet slipper but we are actively expanding from there. We now offer wingtips, driving shoes, espadrilles, sneakers, and more…All our silhouttes represent classic and timeless silhouttes with an edgier styling of them. That is, an infusion of Italian elegance, American Prep, and NY sneakerhead culture. Above all else, individuality and being unique is what we go for and in making limited edition extremely high end shoes we achieve that.

How do you choose the the fabrics and embroideries for the popular slipper models?
MC: In terms of the fabrics I choose I just look for fabrics that tickle my fancy. I am a huge camo fan so you see a lot of camo all over the place. I stay away from embroideries for the most part and opt for more timeless fabrics to achieve more longevity for the shoes. I try to offer classic yet fresh fabrics.

Talk about the different materials you guys use.
MC: Velvet is our bread and butter, but the better question is what fabrics don’t we use. We use Cashmere, Raffia, Suede, Nappa Leather, Patent leather, Linen Canvas, Silk, Wool, and much more. The versatility of our shoes are unreal and that is something I am extremely proud of.

Explain the custom process you guys offer.
MC: We are extremely flexible in the customization offerings we have. Anything is really possible. Our shoes are supposed to evoke one’s individuality so there is no better way of doing that then choosing a shoe that fits you best. You can go so far as sending us fabrics and or choosing the embroidery you want on the toebox etc..

What trends do you see coming up?
MC: Well to be a leader you have to establish the trends so that is what I go for. All said and done, fashion is extremely cyclical so it all comes back around. What I enjoy doing is plugging and matching different styles to form the collective that becomes Del Toro.