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This summer has been crazy and to dress for the season Complex reached out to ask me my personal thoughts on summer style. Read what people like Tommy Ton, Nick Wooster, Michael Bastian, Jake Davis, myself and more said online here.

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Instagram is blowing up. Mark Zuckerburg spent 1 billion dollars on it. So these are definitely necessary for parties and events. The Instaprint configures with a hashtag or a location and connects itself to the internet. It then links itself up with instagram, looking for photos tagged with that hashtag or the location. When it finds one, it automatically prints it out. Read’s article on Instaprints here.

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Complex breaks down their top 100 sneakers since they’re startup in 2002 and the list is filled with all your favorite brands, styles and collaborations. I’m honored to be mentioned among some these greats. Click here to read.

Kehinde Wiley is one artist who’s received a lot of attention over the past few years with his oil canvas portraits of men in urban apparel. His work fuses elegance with today’s street culture, resulting in standout art pieces that are truly remarkable. His latest series is called “The World Stage” has featured in Nigeria, Senegal, Brazil, China, India and Sri Lanka. Now, Wiley takes on “Kehinde Wiley/The World Stage: Israel” at the Jewish Museum. The NY Times recently reviewed the exhibition.

Nice Kicks caught up with fellow New Yorker and my good friend Jeff Staple during the S.L.A.T.E. tradeshow in Las Vegas to ask him about his latest sneaker rotation. Check out the article over at Nice Kicks.

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The fashion game is changing. These “Virtual-closets” and “scrapbooking” websites are switching up online shopping experiences. Check out the full read at the NY Times.