Back in 1994 I started working as a stock-boy in one of the most influential shoe stores in Nyc, David Z. on 8th st. between 5th and 6th Ave. I remember re-stocking this one Timberland style over and over again, I even remember the Stock# the salesmen used for reference, it was J-94. After a few weeks I started opening boxes to see the goods i was working with and I opened this box first. That week I spent half of my check on my first pair of Timberlands, the boots that literally changed my life.

I could honestly say this was the pair which made me appreciate leathers and craftsmanship. Originally released in 1985, Its thick 3H leathers(thickest leather available), waxed canvas, a Gore-Tex fabric bootie(very few companies used this lining), raw hide leather laces and Vibram soles put these boots way ahead of the competition 25 years ago and it’s amazing to see there is still no match. Pictured above is the original page out of the Timberland catalog from the early 90′s.

2.5 years ago I asked Timberland to bring this boot back in an exclusive offering. The deal was it had to be made with the same exact materials and made with the same tooling used on the original version in 1985. 8 months ago I got the nod and here it is. My favorite Timberland boot. Priced at $190, these boots will be available tomorrow 10am Est. at the David Z. flagship (556 Broadway between Prince and Spring st. 212.431.5450) as well as online on Shots by @Sqmunro