As we reach the end of the 4th quarter our toes start to freeze. I know this, why? Because I literally couldn’t feel my toes when I got to my office this morning. In comes my Sorel Caribou, just in time for the blistering cold. The material and color i used for this timeless classic shouldn’t be a shocker. We all know how obsessed I am with the shade of grey, but it’s all about applying premium materials and subtle yet classic hues to iconic footwear. Working with the guys over at Sorel makes this project very special to me, those guys understood my vision and helped execute a “new” classic. Yes, the Caribou is the best snow boot out there. Yes, they are obviously waterproof and yes they will most likely help with the ladies because Sorel is definitely trending for both genders (once my sister calls me for a pair I know what’s up). Priced at an extremely reasonable price of $110, 240 pairs of these men’s Caribous will be available this Friday, December 10th 10am Est. exclusively at the David Z. flagship (556 Broadway bet. Prince and Spring st. 212.431.5450) as well as online at Please educate yourself about one of the greatest boot brands around and read below. Shots by Sean Munro, Boots modeled by Kyronn Cordner and Alexandra De La Vega.

Sorel History:
Sorel footwear was founded in Kitchener, Ontario by Ontario-based Kaufman Rubber Co. (later known as Kaufman Footwear, founded in 1908). Kaufman manufactured rubber footwear products including rubber boots, overshoes and rubber clothing. In 1962, the Company developed a product with a rubber bottom, leather top and felt sock liner under the Sorel brand name to sell thru U.S. sporting goods retailers. This product was extremely successful and further products were introduced under the Sorel name. The Sorel boot has long been popular in Canada for its high quality and warmth.
The town of Sorel in Canada is known all over the world, mainly because of the brand of footwear called Sorel boots, however these boots were actually never made in Sorel, Quebec. The boots were produced on King Street in the city of Kitchener, Ontario. Kaufman was one of the few companies that made boots in Canada then. The reason for Kaufman choosing the name “Sorel” is said to be that he wanted to give people associations to the town of Sorel, which was known in the post WWII time as a rugged and stable town with shipbuilding and steel production.
Kaufman also created a few other brands…Kingtread, Fraser, and Black Diamond amongst others. Sorel became the most popular and successful of Kaufman’s brands thanks to its very high quality and usability. Sorel was a success right from the start, and has continued to grow over the years, and today it is bigger than ever.
In the summer of 2000, the Sorel trademark was bought by Columbia Sportswear. – cite_note-CBC-1 It should be mentioned that the shoes still have the same quality as it had during the Kaufman days.

  • who else..

    just amazing..
    very nice post!!
    love it all.

  • GisJustG

    Copped a pair of these bad boys last year from your friends @west147. These things are the truth. Like having your foot in a fire place

  • UP state

    How do these run? Beautiful as always Ronnie

  • Ronnie Fieg

    These boots run a whole size big. if you are a 10 you should prob purchase a size 9.

  • ViN

    these boots is fresh.!. feena cop a pair once they drop. clarify’n size 10=9 for men as well.?. ship to CA?

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  • Brandan

    Picking up my pair tomorrow called and confirmed the david z by my house is having them… so they all run a full sz bigger in mens ?? i wear a 9.5-10 so i will not press my luck so much and ill get a 9

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  • kat

    i just got a pair of sorels today and i found they run true to size.
    for winter boots, it’s always better if you have a bit room in them (warmer / thicker socks) … also for your feet keep warm better when there is a bit room (air cussion).

    anyways. i usually wear a 9 and the 9 fits perfectly. just like a normal pair of sneakers would.
    comfy to walk in..

    looking forward to snowy fun ;D