Last year’s Chippewa collection was probably my favorite project I worked on in 2010. I honestly felt like those boots were some of the best to drop in a market that isn’t shy of releasing American made boots by the boat load. The reaction of those who bought the boots was simply amazing, they came back asking for more. This is it, this is why I went back to a brand that I believe I will work with for years to come. What separates these boots from the rest besides their top notch extremely rich leathers, soft leather linings, Vibram outsoles, and amazing handmade craftsmanship that I got to witness first hand a few months ago? I’ll tell you what. COMFORT. Now, while it’s very important for us to look good in our fine boots, I’ve learned that it’s not necessary for us to give up comfort to get the American made feel and look that usually has us walking around in blisters within an hour of purchase. These boots are a perfect 10. They have everything we ask for in a quality Fall/Winer boot, heritage, quality, comfort and a timeless style that goes back decades. Priced at $230, I will release a limited run of all three colorways this Friday, December 2nd at 11am Est. on as well as both Kith Brooklyn and Kith Nyc stores. First come first served. Photography by Vagrant.