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This Thursday December 29th at 11am, the “Mazarine Blue” Gel Saga will release in-store only in both Kith Manhattan and Kith Brooklyn. Priced at $130, there will be 90 pairs released in each location and there will be no holds or phone orders, it’s on a first come first served basis. There are a total of 300 pairs made and the sizes range from 5-13. I could honestly say this is one of my favorite Asics collaborations to date. The colorway is very special, took a while to get it right but the end result is a quality leather in a vibrant hue on an iconic silhouette. Along with the Mazarine Gel Saga, I will be releasing a 26 oz. Canadian Fleece letterman Varsity, Made in the US ($120). This piece is very well made and matches the Sagas perfectly with Royal Chenille patches (to match outsole) with Mazarine blue outlines. There are 60 pieces made and will release in-store together with the Sagas. Photography by Vagrant.