As all of you already know Sneaker friends was held this past weekend by Dj Greg Streets at the Compound, a dope event space in downtown Atlanta. I got to see my homies Joe Lapuma, Marcus Troy, Matt Halfhill, G Rock, Mafia, Dj Clark Kent, Mayor, Chris Lee, Danny of Shoe Gallery and so many more. This type of event will help the sneaker community grow and help bring people together, much respect to my Homie Greg.

It’s been a while since my last food for thought post and that’s because I’ve been in the lab overtime working on fall and holiday projects. This past weekend I was able to get away and chill over in Miami and Atlanta, a necessary trip to clear my head. The question I always ask myself is will it be worth it, coming home to hundreds of emails and backed up work? The answer is yes, it’s easy to get burnt out in this business and the time away temporarily patches that feeling. The only time I find myself inspired and intrigued is when I am at peace, when my brain is somewhat calm. Miami beach south of 5th st. is where i chill, a quiet area away from tourists and craziness and is the same area where ideas for over half of my collabs stemmed. To me work isn’t a 5 day thing or a 40 hour week, its a 24/7 grind, have that mentality and i guarantee dividends.  It might seem like all fun and games watching my collabs release from the sidelines and it is but aside from all the work and attention my special projects require, I am also the general buyer of the #1 independent footwear retailer in New York City. Bottom line – If you work hard make sure you reward yourself once in a while.

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Greg Weinstein of Cultureshoq models my Salmon Sebago Docksides. Shots by @sqmunro

My Sebago Dockside Collection in here. Tomorrow these four classic Docksides will be available on as well as the flagship store in soho. I’m really happy with the execution on these, Sebago makes a tremendous product. All hand sewn in Dominican Republic, you gotta love them. In my opinion these are the best boat shoes you could buy at $80.

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New Balance sent me these crazy Made In The USA 2002′s and they are a perfect 10. They must’ve known that I’m a sucker for premium nubuck. The color is RF grey so you already know I put them on my feet today. The midsole is stacked with a better suspension system than most of your cars. For $250 these are one of the most confortable shoes i have ever rocked with. The full style number is MR2002CU, go get em.

A few weeks ago the @cultureshoq team spent the day shooting the Sperry Fall 2010 collection. You could check out the posts from the full collection here. All shots by @sqmunro Pay attention to my G, he’s talented with the cameras. Shout to the homie @weinsteingreg who puts major work into

These 97′s i made back in 2006 are insane. The white patent and foil materials were VIP only, i wish i made 50 of these joints so i could wear them more often. Where do these rank in your favorite Air Max 97′s?

Now that i finally finished watching the last season of The Wire i was able to check this out. In my opinion The Wire is the greatest show of all time, do you agree?

Josh Kissi of Street Etiquette models the RF Antique Brown classics from my upcoming Sebago Dockside collection.  Shots by @Sqmunro Stay tuned for release info.