Big homie Marcus Troy came to visit a few weeks ago and I took him to this crazy wall outside of my favorite sushi spot in Great Neck. If i wasn’t standing to the right of the piece would you be able to tell it was painting? Crazy.

When i like a product as much as i like this Oetzi3300 “Rucksack” it is very likely you will see a Ronnie Fieg version very soon. I rock the navy and red joints and love them, people stop me all day to ask about these. They are different from everything else out there and the quality of their canvas is superior to any canvas bags i have ever seen. The side pocket shown is perfect for any laptop up to 17″ and is more than perfect for an iPad. These bags will retail for $130 and will be available at select Oetzi retailers.

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Did it help that my ex girl worked at 255 Elizabeth -The first Nike Studio ID, i would think so. There were a few materials that were only offered to employees and celebrities and foil & cement were among them. I have over 30 pairs of studio ID’s on ice but these are my all time favorites. The foil leather mixed in with black cement and electric blue make these super fucking dope.

I had this idea of making a book with all my designs a while ago but i didn’t have the time or talent working for me to make it happen. Sean Quincy is a talented dude making this all possible. For my birthday this summer i will release 30 leather coffee table books for friends and family. It’s going to be epic. Trust. — Yes, those “Knicks” Gt Quicks are unreleased.

This past weekend @sqmunro came through to start shooting for my RF collaboration book (check the next post). This is my second bedroom in my apartment, the shoes on the floor are half of the shoes i wear, the boxes are 1/4 of my deadstock collection. One day I’ll take flicks of the whole thing for all of you till then this will do. I see you Sq!

It’s going to be a dope summer.

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These are serious. So very serious.

Here is another new brand that i believe will have major success in the footwear game Oetzi 3300. It’s a rare to see a brand try something radical and new and its even more rare to see a brand accomplish style and comfort with a completely new and fresh look. These shoes remind me of Birkinstock Footprints we used to carry years ago however the OTZ1 adds a twist of a lace and a strap with a sleek outsole to make these wearable for the younger consumer. The OTZ1-Suede is available in the David Z. flagship store today.

Now the bag – This Knapsack is one of the nicest pieces i have seen in a long time. Heavy duty canvas with nude leather trim, dope and classic. I was lucky enough to receive a sample and use it for the last week. Lets just say there is something in the works…. Stay tuned.

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Here is a sneak peek at the Navy-Aqua Gels. These will be featured in this month’s @ComplexMag so make sure you pick up your copy.