Jake Davis Test Shots: Tassel Moccasin from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

The third installment of The Sebago Nexus Project features Street Etiquette’s Tassel Loafer and Lighthouse boot. Working with Josh and Travis has been an amazing experience, these guys have amazing style and their prospective on fashion truly inspires me. While down in the Dominican Republic we flipped through countless leather and color options, created multiple samples and went through many tweaks before we decided to move forward with these two pieces of art. The Lighthouse boots are priced at $140, Tassel loafers $110 and they will both be available this Friday September 17th on Davidz.com as well as a small run in the David Z. flagship (556 Broadway between Prince and Spring st. phone – 212.431.5450)

The Prime – Grey and Black Premium Leather

Prime – Grey Premium Leather $130

Prime – Black Premium Leather $130

Tuskegee 3 Buckles – Black Premium Leather $140

Ourasi – Black Premium Leather $160

Every year or so there is a brand which comes out of nowhere with a new look and feel that catches my eye. This new brand has extreme potential to make noise in the fashion athletics market with these fresh looks. The Prime is a chucka that doesnt look like anything i have ever seen and the leather featured on all 4 of these styles are simply amazing. The Tuskegee and the Ourasi are both styles i would wear with a suit, luxurious and clean. Shots by @Sqmunro

All four styles are available today at the David Z. flagship (556 Broadway bet. Prince and Spring) and are available for purchase over the phone (212.274.9044 ext. 640)

The Prime – Grey (style# PRI-FA10-GREY $130)
The Prime – Black (style# PRI-FA10-BLKW $130)
The Tuskegee – Black (style# TUS-FA10-BLKW $140)
The Ourasi – Black (style# OUR-FA10-BLKW $160)

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Its that time of the year again.

For the last three years Polo Ralph Lauren has supplied us with great Fall Winter boots. This year they expanded their already wide assortment and offer us 2 new styles The Radbourne and Redding. You can really see Polo’s DNA in these Radbourne’s, the lining and fold down option made these a must buy for me this season.

The Radbourne is a higher version (8″) of the Ranger boot (7″) and is tweed lined for the fold down option. The square leather patch on the side of the boots might look a little familiar, Polo crushed that patch in the 90′s. Both the brown and black versions are made of rich pebbled oily leather and when you see these in person you’ll see what i mean.

The Redding is a lower “Chucka” version of the iconic Ranger boot. I know some people who couldn’t find a way to rock the Ranger boot because of it’s height, here is a perfect solution for you. Same rich leather used on the Radbourne but no tweed lining and at a cheaper price point.

All four boots are available at the David Z flagship store (556 Broadway bet. Prince and Spring st.) and for phone purchase order today:
The Radbourne 8″ boot double buckle – (Phone# 212.274.9044 ext. 640 $175, Style# Black – 812123270001 Brown – 8121232701FJ)
The Redding “Chucka” boot – (Phone# 212.274.9044 ext. 640 $130, Style# Black – 812123278001 Brown – 8121232781FJ)
Shots by @Sqmunro

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should already know how the release of “The Cove” went down. There was a camp out in front of the David Z. flagship store in soho this past Friday for the anticipated release and the shoes sold out in 2 min 30 sec online. These are a few @sqmunro shots of what went down. I wont go into anymore details, ill let you guys see it through one of my customer’s eyes. Click here

Run 4 Cover (Starring : Nigel Sylvester) from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

This is crazy. That’s really all i could say about this vid. Nigel you a straight fool for this one.

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Gone in 60 Seconds.

Since TweetDeck is down… T minus 22 hours. Good luck to everyone!

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Friday. 10am est. Davidz.com

This past weekend the homies Joe La Puma of Complex and Phil Annand of The Madbury Club came through my boy Andrew’s estate to shoot my latest Asics project, “The Cove” Gel Lyte III’s. It was a hot 90 degree day so the pool and diving board came handy. The gels were so teal blue we had to throw them in the water to see what would happen… Priced at $115, 225 pairs of these will be available for purchase on Friday, September 3rd at 10am est. on Davidz.com and a small run at the David Z. flagship store in soho (556 Broadway, 212.431.5450). Shots by Rudy Calderon and myself.