Run 4 Cover (Starring : Nigel Sylvester) from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

This is crazy. That’s really all i could say about this vid. Nigel you a straight fool for this one.

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Gone in 60 Seconds.

Since TweetDeck is down… T minus 22 hours. Good luck to everyone!

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Friday. 10am est.

This past weekend the homies Joe La Puma of Complex and Phil Annand of The Madbury Club came through my boy Andrew’s estate to shoot my latest Asics project, “The Cove” Gel Lyte III’s. It was a hot 90 degree day so the pool and diving board came handy. The gels were so teal blue we had to throw them in the water to see what would happen… Priced at $115, 225 pairs of these will be available for purchase on Friday, September 3rd at 10am est. on and a small run at the David Z. flagship store in soho (556 Broadway, 212.431.5450). Shots by Rudy Calderon and myself.

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sQ–GOOD HABIT: BEFORE PURPOSE from The Purple Faction on Vimeo.

My good homie/dope photographer is showing his dopest shots and auctioning them off at his 1st gallery tonight. Its going down at the Etnies Showroom (29 Greene St.) from 8-11pm. If you’re in Ny tonight you dont want to miss this. Rsvp at

Jake Davis and I created some gems. These detailed pictures show the quality of the leathers used, amazing textures. 48 pairs of each were made of these Camouflage Docksides ($110) and Luggage Brown DT mids ($140). They will be will be available for purchase tomorrow morning, August 27th at 10am est. on as well as a small run in the David Z. flagship store in soho (556 Broadway, 212.431.5450). Shots by @Sqmunro

6 months ago I went down to the Bahamas and I took a picture that you might remember. It was taken at The Cove, a prestige resort located in The Atlantis Bahamas. The trip took place right after the holiday season and i was able to clear my head and soak in the scenery. It was necessary for me to express the amazing visuals through my favorite silhouette and share it with the world. A few months ago i set up the photo shoot in Aruba with Colombian model Soraya Yd and this was all shot with my father’s 26 year old film Nikon FG. I was able to capture the same scenery on a private beach with amazing waters. Those close to me can tell you how long I’ve been excited about this project, my favorite Gel Lyte iii i have worked on thus far. Release info and product shots coming soon.

Jake Davis Test Shots: Camo Boat Shoe from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Jake Davis Test Shots: Luggage Chukka from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Working with Jake was an experience like non other. The dude is a perfectionist and putting both of those in a room with unlimited material and color options will result in something epic. Welcome to Jake’s installment of the Sebago Nexus Project, release info and product shots are coming soon.

This is what Jake had to say about the project:

I love film, style, the city, the woods, music, art… That’s what I grew up on. But more than anything I love telling the story, especially the ones that haven’t been told. Up to this point its been a cinematic one for me. My Test Shots have been a way for me to communicate my love for style and film with some kind of emotional value. I’ve tried my best to make each one more interesting than the next for you guys…

With this new series of Test Shots comes the next stage in their progression. Not only do they feature the natural beauty of model Rachel Ballinger but this is the first time actually seeing product I’ve designed. If you remember Ronnie Fieg put together the Sebago Nexus Project. When he asked me what I was thinking as far as design concept, two ideas immediately came to mind. I wanted to make something that wasn’t available. But more than anything I wanted something that made me feel like I was home when I wore them. I know that sounds kind of odd but as we get older that saying you can never go home again seems to be so relevant. Not literally home but the metaphor of home… Comfort, childhood, the ever changing idea of what that place is and can be… then, now, and in the future.

For most they will be just another pair of shoes. But to me they represent my life. The camouflage of the woods I grew up in. The boat shoe silhouette of a life I aspire to. The luxurious oiled pebble grain leather of my favorite luggage used to travel from the city to the country and back. A chukka that looks better with age as it gets beat up with life’s ups and downs.

After a long brunch with my good friend Brendon Babenzien the idea of using a female model to advertise men’s clothing seemed kind of crazy to me. But like just about everything he does, I truly believe he’s ahead of the curve on this one. These are men’s shoes but I love seeing them on women… The reason we do what we do.

I’d like these films to live beyond the shoes. I would imagine most of you won’t be able to get a pair since they’ve only made 48 pairs of each. There’s nothing that would make me happier than passing somebody on the street wearing them. I always ask my designer friends what that feels like… It’d be nice to know. Regardless, I feel the connection every time you stop by here and press play. Thanks to everyone that made this possible especially Sebago, Ronnie Fieg, Rachel Ballinger, and Mr. Black… It means more than you know… I almost forgot, my Camo Boat Shoe and Luggage Chukka will be available to purchase at the end of the week… More details to come… And I really hope you like them…

While i was shooting Amee Enger in her Kickboxing gym i took some product shots. Whoever got to buy these, i hope you see the quality in the leathers.