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Two years ago I bought a pair of vintage camo pants and took them to my tailor to get altered. Slimed down the legs, added elastic cuffs and added a draw string to the waist band. Within a week I got more compliments on my pants than anything I have ever worn (including footwear). People wanted them. Badly. The first camo pant from Red Label was the first real apparel piece I worked on. I was super proud of the fit and although there are a million changes I would have made to that pant today, it was a great starting point. Fast forward two years, the line has grown exponentially. No restraints, no pressure, no quotas and no help. The Mercer pant took 6 months to perfect. I wanted to create a classic that can stand alone for a decade. A pant that can be worn at anytime to fit any look day or night. Production hasn’t been easy. I’m used to working with billion dollar companies that have the best manufacturing capabilities in the world so when I started producing things myself it was a light slap in the face. It took two years for me to really understand how the apparel business works and now I’m proud to have a creative director and a product manager that have helped direct the brand. Paying attention to details is always most important and I’m excited to see how you guys will react to some of the pieces that are coming. Kith will continue to push the envelope and I appreciate all the support we’ve been getting since day 1. The project that has taken most of my time for the last 6 months is dropping soon. White Label Chapter 2. Stay tuned.

- Just Us.

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How badly did I want this? I realize it’s not about how bad you want something, it’s about what you are willing to sacrifice to get where you want to go. I sacrificed the most precious element in life. Time. How much time? Almost all of it. People say hard work pays off. Well what exactly is the pay off? Success? Money? The payoff is doing what you actually love, that’s when you will work your hardest. My goals have always been to make a difference, to change the way things are usually done and to give back to the people who care about being different. Kith has been the outlet that I imagined when building the shops 2.5 years ago, a breath of fresh air the market needed. 2 years later I feel like I learned more in this period of time than all my prior years on this planet combined. So what have been some of the obstacles along the way? Well.. I honestly feel like this business has become a series of challenges that I need to overcome. I find myself asking the same question almost every day, what do they think they’ll never see from me? What can I create that will make them remember the brand? Even with some success, the back to wall mentality is what will continue to push the envelope and keep things interesting. Nothing has come easy. Production for the in house brand has been extremely frustrating, especially with the local manufacturing. Scheduling, logistics, warehousing, billing, and managing employees are just a few of the daily nightmares a small business deals with on a daily basis. People think running this business is easy. Many people see the collaborative projects and think it’s just that easy to release a project not knowing how many decisions and man hours were involved to make releases possible. This shit is hard.

Team. Putting together the current Kith team was by far the toughest task thus far. Even though they don’t blog enough, some of you might already know them. Without the team Kith wouldn’t exist. I honestly feel lucky to have such talented individuals who are better than me in many ways. Seeing the team evolve into what it is today makes me extremely proud and I feel that might be my greatest accomplishment to date.

In honor of the Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III “Flamingo” shoe releasing this Friday, I was fortunate enough to team up with my good friends over at BWGH for a special apparel pack. The pieces include two short sleeve crewnecks and two special Stanton sweatshorts, one in a grey fit and the other in salmon. The body of each item is made with a lightweight Japanese French terry and features premium stitched chenille and loose ribbing. On the crewnecks, the chenille patches include blue and salmon touches to match the hues of the “Flamingo” Gel Lyte III. Each fit is handmade in Europe and includes recognizable BWGH curly yarns that also follow the color palette of the shoes. The Ronnie Fieg x BWGH “Flamingo” pack is exclusive to Kith NYC stores and in very limited quantities. Pick up both fits starting Friday, August 2nd at 11am EST, $105 USD for the crewnecks and $90 for the shorts.

The in-store release for the Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III “Flamingo” will be available through a limited sign-up list at both Kith NYC locations (Manhattan and Brooklyn). The list will run on a first come first serve basis starting today at 11am EST. Spots are limited, please bring a valid photo ID and visit either location. Each person is allowed one sign-up, if your name is found on both lists you forfeit your opportunity. Inquire further details within.

The shoes will also release on on August 2nd, 2013 at 11am EST.

UPDATE: The in-store lists are now closed.

What started off as a 1-of-1 sample back in 2009 has evolved into what you see here today. After tweaking this color concept for the past few years, I am excited to finally present the Ronnie Fieg x ASICS “Flamingo” Gel Lyte III. After a number of trials later, the ash grey nubuck that covers the apron and quarter was chosen to represent the color of flamingos before they turn pink. It’s a grey mixed with beige, a hue of the flamingo’s feathers which aren’t always in clean conditions. The style is then mixed with the same grey mesh toebox and a grey mesh panel that’s added under the salmon leather stripes. The transformation from grey to pink is attributed to the flamingo’s consumption of shrimp, their food of choice. A white midsole is added below for a standout effect, while the outsoles include two-tone coloring in salmon and blue. The blue accents fit perfectly and the lining is made of a thin neoprene, a new tech material I have not applied to my collaborations until now. Highlights include stitched insoles that utilize memory foam cushioning for maximum comfort and three lace options of tonal grey, salmon, and rope salmon/blue. As with all Gel Lyte III models, the shoe features a split tongue, style branding on the side heel and ASICS branding on the midsole.

The release will take place on Friday, August 2nd, 2013 at 11am EST at both Kith NYC stores and In-store release information will be posted on on Wednesday, July 31st. The Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte III will release in limited quantities for $150 USD.


Chapter 3 of the Ronnie Fieg for Sebago line continues with the Almani ($115 USD), consisting of a split upper and classic features. The shoe is designed with a bold blue pig suede upper and a translucent charcoal Dockside outsole with matching waxed laces. The Vincent ($125 USD) brings in an all black nubuck upper and a classic white Dockside outsole sitting below. The key design make up is the whip stitch around the toe for a true original look. Both shoes include leather lining, leather branded insoles and a hand sewn construction for true durability.

Check out Chapter 3 of the Spring/Summer 2013 Ronnie Fieg for Sebago line at and Kith NYC stores starting today at 11am EST.

The last three or four summers I found myself wanting a short sleeve french terry sweatshirt, on some Rocky shit. I found a few options by different brands over the years but there was always something off with the piece, whether it was the fabric or fit, they just weren’t right. The length of the body and sleeves on a short sleeve crew are important to keep proportionate. So I’ve had an idea for this cut for a while, I just needed good fabric and a pattern maker to work with and execute correctly. Along comes the young genius, David Obadia. His brainchild BWGH has become one of those brands that has evolved right in front of our eyes. In a short period of time BWGH has become one of my favorite apparel brands and continues to grow on me daily. His attention to detail and taste in fabric and quality has really impressed me over the last couple of years, traits of a true designer. We starting working on “The Boxer” about six months ago and they’re finally ready to release. The “Just” and “Us” logos are executed separately to emphasize how important each of the two words are in a phrase that will represent the Kith brand for many years to come. The Boxer Short Sleeve Crews are limited to 72 pieces per color.

It all started about three months ago when we needed to design a flag to hang outside the Kith Soho shop under the scaffolding (which is coming down next week!). We needed a staple flag to represent the shop, something clean that we would turn into a concept for apparel and other pieces in the near future. The flag for the outside of the shop came out dope, black with black stripes and white Kith logo. Clean but bold, exactly what the brand stands for. Months later comes the first Kith Flag tee, the first of an ongoing saga that will continue soon. The Kith Flag Tee is limited to 72 pieces.

All three pieces will be available at Kith NYC locations and at 11am EST today, with the Ronnie Fieg X BWGH products retailing for $105 USD and the Kith 4th of July Tee for $45 USD.


For Chapter 2 of the Ronnie Fieg for Sebago Summer 2013 line, a new style is introduced, The Almani. I designed a new upper that I feel adds a bit of newness to a classic that can be worn with a more of an athletic mindset. I split the upper so there can be a saddle piece, it adds a little character and detail that blends well with classic features. The translucent bright orange outsole pops with great contrast as it sits below a charcoal leather upper. Leather lined, hand sewn priced at $115 USD.

This is the second year for the Vincent. It comes back in a salmon rich suede/premium grey beeswax leather Campside upper on a classic white Dockside outsole. I always liked the 4 eyelet Campside upper, it makes the shoe more wearable and a little more street friendly. The last time I used salmon on a Sebago shoe was 4 years ago, I felt like it was time for some more salmon. Leather lined and hand sewn priced at $125 USD.

Check out Chapter 2 of the Spring/Summer 2013 Ronnie Fieg for Sebago line at and Kith NYC stores starting today.

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