To mark the release of the Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V – Rose Gold and Sage, KITH offers an assortment of sportswear-inspired apparel. Newly designed logos and apparel silhouettes are designed with subtle color schemes to complement the makeups of the partnership’s latest offerings. Check out the full details here.

The KITH Rose Gold & Sage Collection will release in tandem with the Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V – Rose and Sage tomorrow, August 30, at the Kith Pop-Up Shop at 66 Bleecker St, Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush Ave, and online at at 11AM EST.

Although it is important for me to make a statement regarding the concepts and inspirations behind certain shoes I release, I feel like these “stories” dilute the true significance of the shoe. I believe the market has become a bit watered down by collaborations. It seems anytime someone believes they have a good idea, it automatically translates into a shoe. Sometimes they execute well, and sometimes they do not, in regards to colorway and materials. It needs to go back to where people are purchasing the shoe for the actual shoe itself. It is shoe first, and any story or concept second.

That was, and always is, my driving force entering any project. Consumers deserve to receive more than their money’s worth, and that is where the philosophy behind the material story comes from. With this project, I sought to execute two trainers with strong colorways whose backing concept was solely a material story.

The main hue used on the Rose Gold is one of my favorite colors, period. The color was inspired by a picture I took of a sunrise over a mountain range during a flight back from Portland. I genuinely thought those colors were beautiful. In 2012 when I released the GT-II, I was unsure about how people would react, which was the reason it was super limited. Now that I have a wider audience, I wanted to offer those who missed out the first time an opportunity to buy into this color and material story. I used pigskin suede for the upper, as it takes color unlike any other material, as well as being the same material used on the GT-II. I also added a second pantone to the crossing stripes for a bit more depth. The 3M formstripes are asymmetrical, featuring white on the lateral and blue on the medial, to give this makeup a bit of a twist. The heel counter is a material I have never used before, and contains a subtle scratched-detailing that adds a whole new design element to this model.

The Sage is, simply put, just a very very good colorway. The story and concept behind this shoe is solely the materials. By using a variety of new materials, I was able to take a more edgy approach than I have in the past. The execution is very detail-oriented, meaning you have to see it up close to grasp the effect these materials have. Also, none of the colors seen on the Sage are ones I have worked with to date. The pigskin upper combines a microperforated sage-colored vamp with sea green overlays. Premium white leather is used for the heel wrap, while the lower heel counter utilizes the same “scratched” material seen on the Rose Gold. The Gel Lyte V’s sockliner has been a point of difference for the silhouette, so I used an all new open mesh material to amplify it as much as possible. The aqua blue formstripes and heel tab are also a new material, and faintly display a subtle safari print that is only visible up close.

These shoes ultimately represent the evolution of what I have done best with Asics in the past, which is a more monotone story. Now, you see multiple different tones and hues that all mesh very well together. It took me quite a few attempts to sort out how I wanted to execute these colorways, but I am more than happy with the result. When I sit down to work on a shoe absent of any concept or story to build around, and I am able to just work with colors, thats when I create my strongest ideas.

The Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V – Rose Gold and Sage are priced at $170 each. Both pairs will be available this Saturday, August 30th, at 11AM EST at the Kith Pop-Up Shop at 66 Bleecker St., Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, and online at

Both lists are now closed and all tickets have been handed out for in-store release.

KITH creates an original summer wardrobe crafted of a remarkably lightweight denim covered in unique prints and patterns, titled – the KITH Summer-Weight Washed Denim Collection. Brand new, as well as classic KITH apparel silhouettes are reimagined to deliver ideal summer-ready garments. Check out the full details here.

The KITH Summer-Weight Washed Denim Collection will be available tomorrow, August 9th, at Kith Manhattan at 644 Broadway, Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, and online at

My entire career, I had been harboring an idea to create a nameless, brand-less, achromatic trainer. My personal philosophy has always been to give people more than what they pay for, and for this project, I wanted to develop a product that could solely be appreciated for its premium quality. First, my idea needed a home. I decided to partner with one of my favorite retail stores in the world – Dover Street Market. I believed DSM would be a great fit for this project, as they cater to a clientele that cares about uniqueness and quality above all.

Creating a logo-less product is never easy. However, Puma has always been incredibly supportive of my judgment, and in turn, I feel I represent their brand correctly by taking that extra step. As I searched for a silhouette to properly display my idea, I was grasped by the XT-2. The XT-2 is a silhouette newly reintroduced to the marketplace, and holds a very rich history. It is also a silhouette not yet adopted by the masses, nor used for any prior collaboration, despite being so comfortable and so aesthetically pleasing. Once I was able to visually deconstruct the XT-2 of its mesh base and TPU components, I saw what to be an exceptionally clean trainer. That’s when my idea found a home.

The definition of achromatic is, “without color,” so I opted for two executions – Black and White. The goal was to deliver the most premium upper offered on a Puma silhouette to date. I utilized an exquisite high-grade Italian glove leather for the upper, which exhibits an impressive natural grain rarely seen on this form of footwear. We then re-patterned the XT-2’s silhouette in order to replace the typical TPU components, such as the forefoot harnesses and lacelocks, with the same premium Italian leathers. Velvety pig leather was supplemented for the liner and footbeds to provide the most luxurious wear possible, while a quilted detail is located on the inner-tongue for an added design effect. The lush upper and lining combined with the XT-2′s honeycomb Trinomic-technology midsole unit produces an unparalleled comfort which will be immediately noticeable. Custom packaging was also developed for the project, including custom boxes, as well as tonal pig leather dust and lace bags. Two sets of tonal laces also come with each shoe, one flat and one rounded, both finished with metal-plated aglets.

I am extremely proud of the execution of this trainer. Using Italian leathers for the uppers and linings and offering leather dust and lace bags as part of the package, it wasn’t easy to achieve the $180 price point. Yet, I desired to give those who deeply appreciate quality something they could cherish. I did not want them to purchase the shoe due to a retailer’s name, or a brand’s logo. That is why I removed all branding. This collection is for those who are interested in quality alone.

Both pairs of the Ronnie Fieg x Puma XT-2 – “Achromatic” will be available this Saturday, July 26th, at the Kith Pop-Up Shop at 66 Bleecker St., Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, and online at Limited numbers will also be available at all four Dover Street Market locations, DSML E-Shop and DSMNY E-Shop.

KITH exhibits its passion for pure quality with its latest offering – the “Achromatic” Collection. Partnering with iconic international retailer Dover Street Market, KITH has prepared a full collection for the Autumn season that is completely absent of color, thus demonstrating the premium construction of each piece. Check out the full details here.

The KITH x Dover Street Market “Achromatic” Collection will be available in its entirety exclusively at the Kith Pop-Up Shop at 66 Bleecker St., Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, online at, and Dover Street Market’s flagship London store, on Saturday, July 26th.

Further strengthening the collaborative work between Sebago and myself, I am pleased to announce the release of three new colorways on two of my favorite silhouettes – the Schooner and the Spinnaker.

This is my second time working on the Schooner. Despite it being relatively new, it is one of, if not, my favorite Sebago silhouettes. I feel it is has not received nearly enough exposure, prompting me to come back to rework the model once more. I’ve adapted two all new color executions ideal for the summer – Mint/Grey and Red/Taupe. The Mint/Grey model features a full pigskin suede upper utilizing a two-toned colorblock. A plush tonal pigskin footbed and white calfskin leather lining is used for an incredibly luxe fit. Other poignant aspects of this model include grey rawhide laces woven through nickel eyelets, and a white rubber slip-resistant Campsides sole. As for the Red/Taupe model, I applied a combination of red and ivory oily 2H nubuck, as well as a calfskin leather lining and footbeds. Tonal rawhide laces complement this version’s colorblocking, as do the brass eyelets, and white Campsides sole. Both Schooners are hand-sewn with a genuine moccasin-construction, and feature “RF” branding on the lateral side of the collar, as well as the footbed and suede outsole component.

The Spinnaker is another silhouette I’ve worked on previously, and thoroughly enjoy.The Navy/Light Blue colorway features an oily leather for the majority of the upper, while the collar is composed of a rich pigskin suede. I used a translucent Dockside outsole to give this classic silhouette a contemporary spin. Premium leather and lining and footbeds comprises the tonal interior, while navy rawhide laces are fastened by nickel eyelets. An “RF” logo is located on lateral side of the color, similar to the Schooner, as well as “Ronnie Fieg by Sebago” branding stamped on the insole.

The Ronnie Fieg for Sebago Schooner – Mint/Grey and Red/Taupe are priced at $130 USD, while the Ronnie Fieg for Sebago Spinnaker – Navy/Light Blue is $120 USD. Each style will be limited to 300 pieces. All three will release with the KITH Summer 2014 Collection, available this Wedneday, July 9th, at the Kith Pop-Up Shop at 66 Bleecker St and Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush Ave, as well as online at at 11AM EST.

New York City summer weather is as beautiful as it is fickle. Sweltering mornings are met with crisp nights, as thunderstorms loom behind cloudless days. Preparing for this elegant yet erratic season, KITH continues to expand its apparel archive with its latest line, the KITH Summer 2014 Collection. An assortment of updated KITH-staple pieces, original footwear by Ronnie Fieg for Sebago, as well as all new Asics global re-issue exclusives are released to encapsulate every summer scenario. Check out the lookbook in its entirety here.

The KITH Summer 2014 Collection will be available this Wednesday, July 9th, at the Kith Pop-Up Shop at 66 Bleecker St. and Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, as well as at 11AM EST.

The KITH Football Equipment project is something we started working on a little over a year ago. Working with Cartel in São Paulo is exciting for the pop-up space, as they’re one of the best stores I have been to in South America. The Asics project, (which will only be available at the pop-up in Brazil and the two store locations in NY) is made up of two shoes – the Gel Lyte III and the GT-II.

The Gel Lyte III is a shoe I have been working on since 2006 and it is my favorite silhouette to date. Creating the “USA” Gel Lyte III in all gold leather was a challenge. Sourcing gold leather is very tough but I think the USA version came out amazing and is very different from everything else in the marketplace right now. I made the Gel Lyte III “USA” model extremely luxe – they’re as premium and rich as any sneaker can be. I lined the shoe with a pigskin leather, which is very rare for this type of sneaker. I wanted to offer a mismatch set for the Gel Lyte III – red accents on the left shoe, navy accents on the right, an American flag sock liner, and perforated gold leather on the vamp and quarter. I truly believe people will be very happy to see this shoe. The whole concept behind the pack was that the USA comes to Brazil for the World Cup and I wanted to create a USA version and a Brazil version.

The GT-II is the Brazil version. The GT-II is all royal blue pigskin suede with gold leather stripes. The gold represents the cup itself in each of the two shoes. The USA version is predominately gold and the GT-II version is more of what you are used to getting from me, which is premium pigskin upper and quality details on the three stripes on the heel of the midsole. I wanted to design a capsule that could give people a chance to hold and cherish this moment of time.

The Gel Lyte III is priced at $185 USD and the GT-II is $165 USD. Each will be available this Saturday, June 28th at 11am EST at the Kith Pop-Up at 66 Bleecker St. and Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, as well as

All tickets have been given out for the in-store release, and the list is now closed for both Kith NYC locations.

In honor of this year’s World Cup in Brazil, I am proud to announce the release of Kith NYC’s latest project: KITH Football Equipment. After releasing at our international pop-up shop in Brazil, the collection has finally made it stateside. A wide-ranging apparel line featuring updated interpretations of classic on-pitch athletic wear pieces will release in conjunction with KITH’s very first electronics, the KITH x Beats by Dre KFE Studio and Pill 2.0, as well as two all new collaborative ASICS projects. Check out the full details here.

The KITH Football Equipment releases this Saturday, June 28th, at the Kith Pop-Up at 66 Bleecker St. and Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, as well as at 11AM EST.

Continuing the on going partnership between myself and Sebago, I’m excited to announce the first installment of the Ronnie Fieg For Sebago Spring 2014 collection. The Pancho weaves the brand’s DNA into an entirely new silhouette, providing an updated take to Sebago footwear for a fresh new look.

Upon first glance you’ll notice that the Pancho is built with a signature fridge collar. Antique brass eyelets, leather laces, a debossed leather sockliner and a debossed logo side hit wrap up the style. The luxe Brown colorway is predominantly made up of long lasting crazy horse leather that only looks better with age, and a handwoven whip-stitch vamp adds personality to the shoe. The Mint Green colorway sees a smooth pigskin with added leather lining and a white handwoven whip-stitch vamp to provide a clean look. The Pancho is completely hand sewn and features Goodyear welted Vibram soles for durability.

The Ronnie Fieg For Sebago Spring 2014 Pancho Collection will launch in extremely limited quantities exclusively at the Kith pop-up store (66 Bleecker St.), Kith Brooklyn and on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 at 11am EST for $160 USD each.