Releasing in-line with the KITH x nano universe x Nishikawa Down “Black Diamond” Collection are the all new Ronnie Fieg x Caminando Ripple Mountain Mid boots. Although not my first time working closely with Caminando, it is absolutely my most progressive work with them to date. Different, functional, and incredibly high quality. Check out the full details here.

The Ronnie Fieg x Caminando Ripple Mountain Mid will retail at $220 USD, and will be available in-store in limited quantities at the New KITH Shop 644 Broadway and KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave on Black Friday, November 28. An online release will follow on Cyber Monday, December 1, at 11AM EST on Minimal quantities will also be available at nano universe in Tokyo, as well as Monkey Time, Beauty & Youth, and United Arrows in Shinjuku, Japan.

Partnering with Japanese retailer nano universe and one of the longest standing down manufacturers in Japan with Nishikawa Down, KITH releases its most detailed outerwear assortment to date – the “Black Diamond” Collection. Fur-trimmed parkas like the Ainodake Parka demonstrate the level this collection is at, while unconventional pieces like the Fuji Down Bomber Jacket represent the ingenuity of each garment. Check out the full details here.

The KITH x nano universe x Nishikawa Down “Black Diamond” Collection will be available in-store at the New KITH Shop 644 Broadway and KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave beginning Black Friday, November 28. The collection will be made available online on Cyber Monday, December 1, at 11AM EST on The collection will also be made available in limited quantities at nano universe in Tokyo, Japan.

With each venture, our focus is to deliver product that will truly be worth every cent. We seek to create goods that will not only be relevant now, but for years to come. That was the driving force behind our most expansive collection yet – KITH Classics. Check out the full details here.

KITH Classics is available now, in store, at the New KITH Shop 644 Broadway and KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave. The full range will release online this Saturday, November 8, at 11AM EST on

KITH partners with Tokyo-based menswear brand Ones Stroke to deliver a collection which signifies KITH’s overall evolution. Silhouettes designed by KITH are countered by top-tier Japanese fabrics sourced by Ones Stroke to create a worldly assortment of the highest quality goods. Check out the full details here.

The KITH x Ones Stroke “Genesis” Collection will release this Saturday, October 25, at the New KITH Shop 644 Broadway and online at at 11AM EST. This collection will also release in-store only, in even less quantities, at Japan-based boutiques Monkey Time Shinjuku and Beauty & Youth by United Arrows on Tuesday, October 28.

I only embark on projects I truly believe in. Creating KITH gave me an outlet to express my personal ideals and beliefs. Although I desire to shift the current landscape of fashion and footwear, I demand each venture start from a place of passion. I hope this project will open people’s eyes to see that not everything we do is centered around dollars and cents. I believe if someone has the capacity to give back to their community, then it is not only their right, but it is their obligation. With this release I am focused on my community, New York City, and the heroes that embody it.

The Support is a great silhouette, and strikes me as a New York-tailored trainer. Its a little sturdier and heavier than your typical tech-runner, and the outsole features pods which give it an all-terrain appearance. I sourced an exquisite gold leather for the toe to represent the NYPD badge, and added a fishscale print as an element of levity. A mixture of navy oily wrinkled nubuck and supple glove leather symbolizes the NYPD uniform. The debossed “Equipment”-branding on the heel is enlarged for emphasis, and accentuates the high-grade grain of the leather. The woven material used for the quarter panels represents Kevlar, the protective armor used by officers in the field. The Three Stripes logos and quarter panels are asymmetrical, and flow seamlessly into the midsole detail. The lateral Stripes are 3M, and a color I call NYPD-blue. The trickiest detail was adding 3M paint to the lateral midsole, so the hue matches precisely. The medial stripes are navy leather on the outside, gold leather with a fishscale print for the center, and are complemented by a white quarter panel.

The branding for this project was crucial, as it is my first adidas Consortium collaboration. The tongue features a shield we took the time to customize so that it would represent both parties properly, while still paying homage to the NYPD with grace. The insoles are custom-printed, displaying “Just Us” on the right and “adidas” on the left. Lastly, four lace options accompany the sneaker, allowing various options for customization.

Coinciding with this release, KITH is donating $15,000 to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum Foundation to honor the victims of that tragic day. I, as many, experienced 9/11 first hand, and was enamored by the people of New York who united to rebuild our city. This project is dedicated to them.

The Ronnie Fieg x adidas Consortium EQT Support ’93 – NYC’s Bravest is priced at $170 USD, and will be available this Saturday, October 11th, at 11AM EST at the New KITH Shop at 644 Broadway, KITH Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, and online at

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KITH reveals the lookbook of its latest project – the KITH “Never Forget” Collection. Each piece gracefully honors of those who protected New York City on the tragic day that was September 11. Check out the full details here.

The KITH “Never Forget” Collection will be available this Saturday, October 11, at 11AM EST at the New KITH Shop at 644 Broadway, KITH Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, and online at

On September 11, 2001 I was living in an apartment approximately a quarter-mile from the World Trade Center. I awoke to my roommate screaming “Fire!” a little before 9:00am. Without thought I grabbed my shoes and a shirt, and ran outside of my apartment building. As I looked up, my apartment was fine, but my roommate was pointing down to the road. As soon as I turned my head, I witnessed the second plane colliding with the South Tower. I instantly went into shock. I saw people running down the West Side Highway, and immediately began to think of my father, who worked in the building next to the World Trade Center. I grabbed my bike and started heading downtown. As I rode down Broadway, I saw a cloud of dust so thick that it was impossible to see past Broome St. Next thing I know, I see my father running out of the dust cloud entirely covered in soot, unscathed. I embraced him, thankful, then let him into my office to clean himself up.

As news developed I began learning about everything that had happened. I learned of my friend, a member of the FDNY, who lost his life. I learned some of my friends who were in the NYPD had passed away, and some of my friends’ parents who had lost their lives.

Everyone remembers what they were doing on September 11. Economists claimed New York City’s business would never recover. However, our citizens began to rebuild and overcome that traumatic day. Watching my city unite and unify is more memorable to me than the attacks. It showed our true nature of perseverance.

This collection is immensely significant to me. I chose to release exactly one month after September 11, as I believe that is a time for mourning. In conjunction with this release, KITH is honored to make a $15,000 donation to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum Foundation to support those victims gravely affected by the events of that dreadful day. I believe if someone has the capacity to give back to their community, then it is not only their right, but it is their obligation. I am proud to be a New Yorker.

Full details regarding the release of the KITH Never Forget Collection and the Ronnie Fieg x adidas Consortium EQT Support ’93 – NYC’s Bravest will follow this week.

After working closely together, Filling Pieces and I have formed a strong relationship. Once I saw the results yielded from our first collaboration, I knew the partnership was necessary to reprise.

I am a footwear fan first and foremost, not just a sneakerhead. I have love for all types of footwear, not only athletic models. The mindset entering a project such as this is a lot different than the mindset when entering a runner because its supposed to be the alternative pick. By being able to create the type of product I do with Filling Pieces, I am able to cater to a different audience than when I work with athletic brands. These offer a different side of life. Something slightly more sophisticated.

With the last pack, I only offered one pattern. I believe this offering is better rounded. I wanted to give more diversity, as I wanted there to be something for everyone. Now, you have the opportunity to get something quilted, or something smooth, or something with a print. The Navy / Gum model was actually developed during our first effort, but we felt it was too strong enough to release the first time around, so we wanted to save it for round two. The handcrafted all-leather upper is very luxe, being completely hand made in Portugal. The Light Tan execution offers a smooth texture for a more everyday wear. The thick leather is built to beat up, while the light tan color ages beautifully. Rose Gold eyelets add a luxurious element while complementing the shade of the leather. Lastly, the Dragon-debossed iteration provides a special pattern. Something more atypical. It is a more high-profile shoe than the other two, really designed for those times you really want to stand out. In this way, these shoes do not just cater to a different audience, they each cater to a different occasion.

Each premium makeup is lined with supple cow leather for max comfort. Each one is also accompanied by total custom packaging. Starting from the custom box to the custom wrapping paper to the custom wooden shoetrees to an extra set of custom footbeds and laces. I genuinely believe what people will receive is worth more than the $220 USD asking price. I say it every time I discuss a new shoe, but that is because I feel I need to give back to our following and community. That has been the motto from the beginning.

The Ronnie Fieg x Filling Pieces RF-Mid Part II Collection will be available tomorrow, Saturday, September 20, at Kith Manhattan at 644 Broadway, Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, and online at at 11AM EST. The release will be first come, first served.

To mark the release of the Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V – Rose Gold and Sage, KITH offers an assortment of sportswear-inspired apparel. Newly designed logos and apparel silhouettes are designed with subtle color schemes to complement the makeups of the partnership’s latest offerings. Check out the full details here.

The KITH Rose Gold & Sage Collection will release in tandem with the Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V – Rose and Sage tomorrow, August 30, at the Kith Pop-Up Shop at 66 Bleecker St, Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush Ave, and online at at 11AM EST.

Although it is important for me to make a statement regarding the concepts and inspirations behind certain shoes I release, I feel like these “stories” dilute the true significance of the shoe. I believe the market has become a bit watered down by collaborations. It seems anytime someone believes they have a good idea, it automatically translates into a shoe. Sometimes they execute well, and sometimes they do not, in regards to colorway and materials. It needs to go back to where people are purchasing the shoe for the actual shoe itself. It is shoe first, and any story or concept second.

That was, and always is, my driving force entering any project. Consumers deserve to receive more than their money’s worth, and that is where the philosophy behind the material story comes from. With this project, I sought to execute two trainers with strong colorways whose backing concept was solely a material story.

The main hue used on the Rose Gold is one of my favorite colors, period. The color was inspired by a picture I took of a sunrise over a mountain range during a flight back from Portland. I genuinely thought those colors were beautiful. In 2012 when I released the GT-II, I was unsure about how people would react, which was the reason it was super limited. Now that I have a wider audience, I wanted to offer those who missed out the first time an opportunity to buy into this color and material story. I used pigskin suede for the upper, as it takes color unlike any other material, as well as being the same material used on the GT-II. I also added a second pantone to the crossing stripes for a bit more depth. The 3M formstripes are asymmetrical, featuring white on the lateral and blue on the medial, to give this makeup a bit of a twist. The heel counter is a material I have never used before, and contains a subtle scratched-detailing that adds a whole new design element to this model.

The Sage is, simply put, just a very very good colorway. The story and concept behind this shoe is solely the materials. By using a variety of new materials, I was able to take a more edgy approach than I have in the past. The execution is very detail-oriented, meaning you have to see it up close to grasp the effect these materials have. Also, none of the colors seen on the Sage are ones I have worked with to date. The pigskin upper combines a microperforated sage-colored vamp with sea green overlays. Premium white leather is used for the heel wrap, while the lower heel counter utilizes the same “scratched” material seen on the Rose Gold. The Gel Lyte V’s sockliner has been a point of difference for the silhouette, so I used an all new open mesh material to amplify it as much as possible. The aqua blue formstripes and heel tab are also a new material, and faintly display a subtle safari print that is only visible up close.

These shoes ultimately represent the evolution of what I have done best with Asics in the past, which is a more monotone story. Now, you see multiple different tones and hues that all mesh very well together. It took me quite a few attempts to sort out how I wanted to execute these colorways, but I am more than happy with the result. When I sit down to work on a shoe absent of any concept or story to build around, and I am able to just work with colors, thats when I create my strongest ideas.

The Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte V – Rose Gold and Sage are priced at $170 each. Both pairs will be available this Saturday, August 30th, at 11AM EST at the Kith Pop-Up Shop at 66 Bleecker St., Kith Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush, and online at

Both lists are now closed and all tickets have been handed out for in-store release.