We wanted to create a lookbook that encapsulated the spirit of the people who influenced Kith’s entrance into the women’s and kids business, as well as moving forward into a full men’s collection. The pieces for men’s, women’s and kids are alike and all hand made in New York City with no compromise on style or quality across the genders and ages. This mentality inspired the vision for the lookbook where the three tiers of business were reorganized on different level bleachers to represent the unity within the collection. Kith is a family affair and I continue to be aware of the growing needs of customers and thus the growth of business. The lookbook was shot in collaboration with photographer 13thWitness and directed by Kith’s own Mellany Sanchez. Check out the Kith NYC White Label collection at Kith NYC stores and KithNYC.com exclusively starting tomorrow, March 23rd, 2013.
  • Javana

    So does this mean that the sneakers will come in kid sizes too?

  • CreativeSession

    AWWW RONNIE! I prefer you’re previous layout! Visually, it was more impactful. This feels a little too WallSteet!

    On a positive note, at least your personal and Kith blog feel a little more separated. Either way, you’re work is still dope.

  • http://twitter.com/lieutenant_jack jack robin

    yessss please i’d love that

  • Javana

    lol me too!

  • Javana


  • http://twitter.com/rconrad41 Ryan Conrad

    The slideshow doesn’t work in Chrome, FYI. But the fact that I opened up IE shows you how much I wanted to see it!

  • Clint

    At least you’re consistently wrong with your ‘your’ and “you’re” usage.

  • http://twitter.com/CREATIVEsession CREATIVESESSION

    Agreed :X

    Quick response and my second language. Apologies Clint! :)

  • http://twitter.com/kidkelvin Viktor Vash

    Most his sneakers have released in 4.5 and higher.

  • Javana

    Were they available online starting at 4.5? Or just through store and phone orders?

  • http://twitter.com/kidkelvin Viktor Vash

    online. The denim GL III and Purple GT II in the look book were already released and they all came in 4.5 and up online.

  • Javana

    Oh ok thanks! I knew they came out because I missed the purple GT II’s but I didn’t know they released them online starting that low!

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  • Clint

    My apologies for being rude. Most native english speakers don’t get it right, you just had them flipped.