I’ve always appreciated Kanye’s creativity and Ye’s “All Of The Lights” video was no exception. Everyone was hating on the video but I found the trippy font sequence entertaining and somewhat original… Until I saw This. Guess Nas was right, – No idea’s original. Let’s hope Mr. West pays homage to the “Enter The Void” intro the first time he discusses his inspiration for AOTL. Thoughts?

  • http://nrestivo.wordpress.com/ Nick Restivo

    I wonder if it was Hype Williams or Kanye who had the idea, regardless whoever it was should give credit to the video they copied

  • http://Twitter.com/vaughnL86 Vaughn

    Well what do you expect from Kanye he samples beats from other artists so it makes sense that he’d do some shit like this. I mean he should pay homage because it’s the right thing to do, I mean he did just jack the whole opening sequence.



  • bill
  • kurtbert

    Kanye’s my top 5 favorite musical artists of all time. I have been more disappointed with his latest work more than I think I have ever been disappointed in an artist that I support. All I can say though is, is this really that surprising? I don’t think it is, but I also think it should be largely put on Hype Williams. I’m sure Kanye came at him with the idea of doing the lyric sequence and such and Hype got the inspiration from this video. Overall I still think it went very well with the song, better than Rihanna looking like a crack whore and Kanye moving around like he has a nervous tick.

    I miss this Kanye.


    Aren’t artists supposed to progress? Kanye is just getting lazy if you ask me. He is capable of a lot more, he has a lot more money to invest in quality artistic videos. Don’t you remember the days Kanye invested his own hard earned money into music videos?

  • MrBrando3

    This isnt the 1st time Kanye or any other artist has done this. We know he took a very similar concept from someone for the “Good Life” video (although that was more the director’s style) but Kanye is pretty good at saying what inspired him and giving credit where it is due vs acting like he was a genius with a plan. I don’t disagree it takes away from the value of the video knowing it’s not an original idea but I believe it brings it to a bigger audience and is a really fit for the video.

  • kurtbert

    ^^^ agreed Mr Brando. I think it’s a better fit for the video than Rihanna’s appearance is.

  • ppelman

    The direct and obvious similarities make it look more like an hommage than a copy.

  • http://insidethesneakerbox.com SneakerboxClyde

    He would have to. Hope so. By now, he knows that we know. LOL

  • Eric

    Great site Ronnie. I posted this on my FB yesterday as well, once I saw the video i KNEW it was straight swaggerjacking since I had seen Enter the Void. Some say it’s an obvious homage (there’s no way of him really being able to acknowledge it’s an homage within the context of the video) so you’re right he’s going to have to do it in interviews, but by this point everyone’s going to be accusing him of swaggerjacking so he’s going to have to say it is. What he SHOULD have done was announce it before hand and mention it would an homage to Enter the Void, etc. To my knowledge there hasn’t been any pre-video interviews. So I guess we’ll never know.

  • Johnnie Blood

    Nothing is original. Inspiration comes from everyone/everywhere, even Ronnie’s shoes. Whether it be a nother shoe, a time of year, a picture, something has to have inspired everyone. Originality has nothing to do with it. People either like Kanye or they don’t. Those who don’t use this against him. The fact that they were able to reproduce this and wanted to do so, shows homage in itself.

  • GreatScott

    Hip Hop draws from other music~so do the videos draw from movies…i.e.the over-used Scarface,Godfather motifs…but Kanye is more in the “eclectic” genre of movie referencing..Akira for Stronger..Enter the Void is probably the best film in the past 10 years and i’m sure Hype had something to do with the reference given his field of expertise..cool nonetheless..i think the company is BUF..they did the visuals for Void

  • DDDD

    would you have known about Enter the Void if kanye hadnt been inspired by it? if you havent heard of Enter the Void would you go see it now that kanye exposed it to your life?

    thank you kanye and hype williams!

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  • http://twitter.com/keezyp KeezyP

    Call me late (I am) but I wonder- if what you echo, “No idea’s original”, is true and Kanye or whomever were never exposed to Enter The Void and were hence forth not necessarily influenced by it but in fact, it was an original idea to them in their mind…do they still owe credit? Even if they learn later on that their [Kanye & co] “original” idea was not that original, after all. Moreover- does an original idea to one become less “original” if thought of by another at a later time?

  • Paul

    The last 20 minutes of Enter the Void = The Magic Hour.

    Do the math.