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What would this all be worth if we didn’t give back? Everything we accomplish, everything we do, after each milestone there is temporary happiness. Achieving goals is definitely a priority but are there goals set to help others? This business consumes my life more and more each day and we all get caught up in things that make us forget how fortunate we are to be in certain positions. Most of us are fortunate to have opportunities and live in an environment where we don’t need to worry about food or water, about shoes or clothing, or about an education and shelter.  Kids in Haiti aren’t fortunate. They are hungry and suffering. Donating 300 pairs of shoes won’t save them, I know that. But it’s a start. Pete told me when he distributed these shoes, the look on these kid’s faces were unforgettable and that makes me happy. Over the next few years I will do all I can to help raise funds for building schools and helping these kids receive footwear so they can go about their day without having to worry about that.

I sent Pete Forester to Haiti to distribute these Super Green Asics and he came back a changed man. I’d like to thank Pete for his efforts and hopefully his photos will inspire everyone to join us in trying to make a difference. Next year I am looking forward to going myself and helping in every way I can. I am posting this not to promote the Super Greens but so you can help make a difference. I’m begging all of you to click this Soul For Souls link and help those that are in need. It doesn’t have to be much, EVERYTHING COUNTS. Photos by Pete Foreseter.

  • Ivan Nicolas

    This is very courteous and inspiring of you guys to actually go in and help out people who are less fortunate than us here in the U.S. We’re all blessed here because of the various items we display in our daily day lives. And A LOT of people take that for granted. It’s good that the brand Asics, some of the unused, a little bit under the radar, and unappreciative brands who aren’t as welly recognized as top sportswear brands like them, collaborate with such dedicated artist like Ronnie and all his family and friends to look at those who aren’t getting a little share of the good life and I myself believe that life as human-beings is about not only helping other human-beings but to connect and interact in a accepted, more appreciated way. And that’s what this very picture means to me. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Ryan Estrada

    this is nice…. reaching out to people…. I only hope that these shoes won’t be in eBay for a price because it should be with those kids instead

  • beedubs

    Should have sold them on ebay and donated the proceeds.
    Could have made stacks off your swagged out minions.

  • Ronnie fieg

    That’s a cool story. I don’t know who misinformed you but non of that is true. Do those pics look like there are any mistakes with production? Look at you trying to knock a good deed. Congratulations on finding a way to hate on one of the important things I’ve done in my life. Fucking loser.

  • Ronnie fieg

    ASICS wasn’t involved in this process. If you’re going lie on my blog make sure you state your sources.

  • maggie hurley

    Thanks for writing about Pete’s trip and for your generosity in providing such great shoes to these kids!! I’m going back in june if you want to send some more… =)

  • Scott Iffinger

    Job well done. Super nice shoe though. Any thoughts of putting a ton of pairs on ebay so people can own them, as well as make some money for the charity?

  • kithnyc

    This was done months ago and not a single pair has ended up on eBay or other sneaker reseller sites.

  • Nick Sisombath

    Funny how people can be so ignorant. It doesn’t matter if RF designed the project or even if this was a fluke. The story is a great deed in its own. Its job was to inspire and show that hard work and giving back to the community was something we all need to try and do. In the sneaker community especially we should easily understand what hard work and giving back is. However I can understand how this idea and inspiration can be corrupted the sneaker world has been tainted with greed and selfishness. Thank you Ronnie Fieg for your designs, and involvement in the project. Thank you to whoever was involved or designed the project. Please take this as an inspiring article to better the world and not an accredidation to the project.