A year and a half ago, I traveled to Tokyo, and it immediately became my favorite city in the world. I found myself more inspired than ever before. Seeing the range of scenery in Tokyo became my new obsession. A good friend of mine, Junya, took me to a place where the cherry blossom is most impactful to the city. It made me very curious as to what the cherry blossom was and what it represented. It only occurs for 7-10 days of the year, and during that time, the people really honor and respect nature and the greater powers that be. After being able to see this natural phenomenon, it really gave me a concept to build a collection around.

I began working on the R698 for the first time, and started to toy with its paneling. At this point in my career, I’m very into being destructive and diverting from the given path. So I decided to heighten the silhouette, after realizing that mid-cut runners are incredibly scarce today. Being able to construct my own silhouette with Puma will go down as one of my greatest career achievements.

The Tokyo Sakura Collection with Puma is comprised of a classic R698, which represents the beginning of the seasonal transition, as well as the RF698 Mid, which represents the darker ending. The R698 is composed of microperforated pigskin suede, and utilizes burgundy colorblocking amidst the toe. The rest of the upper features a subtle light pink base with white overlay panels. The lateral formstripe is scythed to give a petal-effect. The Trinomic midsole unit includes a gradient to fit the entire color scheme. A tonal leather liner is the final detail on this model. The RF698 Mid’s upper is entirely microperforated, with nubuck used for the toe and pigskin for the remainder. A burgundy body is offset by a dark navy forefoot, which plays into the gradient dual-speckle Trinomic midsole. The inner-sock is fastened from neoprene, and includes both tongue and heel pulls for accessibility. The medial formstripe is asymmetrical, and made from navy 3M. Both models in the pack also feature tonal 3M KITH | Ronnie Fieg tongue labels, co-branded quilted insoles, three sets of lace options, and custom packaging.

I believe this collection separates us from the pack. The development of launching a new colorway, concept, and silhouette simultaneously really creates a new lane for us. I am very proud of this project, down to every last detail.

The Ronnie Fieg x Puma “Tokyo Sakura Collection” is set to release this Saturday, March 28, at 11AM EST at KITH Manhattan 644 Broadway, KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave, and online at KithNYC.com.

Acting as the follow-up to 2013’s highly coveted East Coast Project, KITH ventures to the opposite side of the country for its latest release – the West Coast Project. The collection is divided into two integral themes – Atlantic and Pacific. Check out the full details here.

The KITH West Coast Project, alongside the Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Sight “Atlantic” & “Pacific,” will release this Friday, February 27, at 11AM EST at both of KITH’s New York City locations and online at KithNYC.com.

The West Coast Project is something I have been planning for a long time. Since our East Coast Project released in 2013, there has been a demand for KITH on the other side of the country. California has always been one of my favorite places, and is no doubt the other cultural capital of the United States next to New York City. Both are key cities when it comes to fashion, footwear, and apparel, so its always made sense to me to have a presence in each.

I worked with Asics to revive what I think is one of their best silhouettes – the Gel Sight. This will be the first time this trainer is made available to the public in 23 years. The shape is great, its very comfortable, and I believe it will soon cultivate a strong following. Playing with the two city motif again, the WCP is broken into two themes – Atlantic and Pacific – with Atlantic of course representing NYC and Pacific representing LA.

The Atlantic model is darker to mimic the cold gritty nature of New York. The upper is made from a navy microperforated pigskin suede and features hits of aqua nubuck. The formstripes are tonal 3M, maintaining a subtle but strong approach. The midsole is speckled, with the wind-up heel stabilizer being Carolina blue. The Pacific is lighter, designed to personify Los Angeles’s characteristics. The heel wrap is made from Carolina blue nubuck, the quarter panels are made from dark navy waxed leather, and the toe is a microperforated sand-colored nubuck. The aqua formstripes flow from the heel to the toe resembling a wave crashing into shore.

Something very special about both models is that they both feature custom “Just Us” molding on the heel stabilizers, as well as debossed KITH logos on the heel wraps. Both come with “Ronnie Fieg” custom-printed insoles, as well as a second set of French terry sockliners that allow a comfortable barefoot-wear, which ties in perfectly with the overall theme. They are also accompanied by three sets of 3M-woven flat laces.

The Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Sight – “Atlantic” and “Pacific” will be available this Friday, February 27, at 11AM EST at KITH Manhattan (644 Broadway), KITH Brooklyn (233 Flatbush Ave), and online at KithNYC.com. Each pair will retail for $180 USD. In-store release will be handled first come, first served.

Almost one full year since releasing our first collaboration, my good friend Jon Buscemi and I are ready to unveil our latest project. Taking a different approach than our last release, we worked together to design a completely new silhouette called the 110MM.

In anticipation of the NBA All Star Game in New York City this year, we were inspired to create the most luxurious basketball shoe of all time. With All Star Weekend coinciding with New York Fashion Week, people will want to look stylish and wear basketball-inspired product, so releasing it one-week prior seemed like the perfect fit. The 110MM is rooted in Buscemi’s penchant for quality, as each model is handcrafted in Italy with the highest-grade Italian leathers available. The design composition is more intricate than previous Buscemi models, as I applied trapunto quilting amidst the quarter panels and tongue. The heel includes Buscemi’s signature padlock hardware in matte black, while Buscemi x Fieg branding is emblazoned on the white ripple Margom sole and tongue. After seeing the final version of the silhouette, we decided to go with a black and red combination, which is a colorway that Jon and I have loved since our early childhood.

The Ronnie Fieg x Buscemi 110MM is accompanied by black and red custom packaging, a waxed black lace, a round black lace, and is priced at $695 USD. They will release in-store at KITH Manhattan 644 Broadway and KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave this Friday, February 6th. An online release will follow on Saturday, February 7th, at 11AM EST at KithNYC.com and on the KITH App.

Last year we saw the birth of our KITH Classics label, an assortment of our favorite KITH silhouettes. Moving forward, we seek to implement additional styles into the Classics catalogue. Suited for winter, we introduce the Softshell Fulton Hoody and Bleecker Sweat. A highly functional material, softshell is designed to retain warmth while being waterproof and breathable. The collection also includes the Long Sleeve LaGuardia Tee, a variation of our essential cut and sew tee.

KITH Classics Part I releases this Friday, January 16, at KITH Manhattan 644 Broadway, KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave, and online at KithNYC.com at 11AM EST.

This Friday, KITH will release the other half of its Asics-helmed “Grand Opening” Collection. Following the Gel Lyte III and Gel Saga are the redesigned Gel Lyte V and GT-2 silhouettes. Each maintain the formula, as they are dressed in exquisite black glove leather and sit atop off-white midsole units. Both models will release in tandem with the KITH x Aimé Leon Dore Chapter 1 Collection on Friday, January 9th, at the New KITH Shop 644 Broadway, KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave, and online at KithNYC.com at 11AM EST.

KITH partners with fellow New York-based brand Aimé Leon Dore to release their first collaborative collection, aptly titled Chapter 1. The full 10-piece collection will release this Friday, January 9th, exclusively at the New KITH Shop 644 Broadway, KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave, and online at KithNYC.com at 11AM EST.

PONY first approached me about a year and a half ago. Although I used to work with PONY back when I was the head buyer for David Z, I never knew the brand name was an acronym for “Product of New York.” I had begun work on our forthcoming “New York Natives” Collection around this time, so being able to incorporate a New York-based product seemed like a perfect fit. They showed me a book that was a comprehensive archive of past and present silhouettes. Sifting through I saw one that piqued my interest – the M-110. I was caught by its OG colorway, which was a vibrant Miami Dolphins makeup. I closed the book without sharing which model I had mentally chosen, and asked them how they felt in regards to unarchiving a silhouette that would be exclusive to a collaboration between us. They were instantly receptive, which is when I shared my fondness for the M-110. They explained how Dan Marino was a PONY signature athlete during the late ‘80s, so a lot of colorways were rooted in a Dolphins-esque makeup.

I wanted to offer a completely different aesthetic than the OG to show the versatility of the silhouette. I strayed from tropical hues, and sought to use a very luxe palette. Upon receiving the first sample, I was hooked. The shape, and how sturdy it was really impressed me. I remember when I was growing up, a shoe’s value was judged by its weight. If it was heavy, it was quality. When I felt the weight and saw how vintage the silhouette was, I knew we had something special.

The sneaker is made from a thick red Italian leather with a tasteful snakeskin-deboss pattern seen at the PONY quarter panel logos and heel panel. The lateral collar features “Fieg”-branding hits in the same font as the OG PONY logo, which is located on the medial collar. “RF”-branding is also located on the tongue. The liner is made from a white calfskin leather, as are the custom-printed insoles. Fitting with the leather agenda, I chose tonal leather laces as the primary option, which really solidifies the entire appearance.

With how many collaborations release today, it is easy to get lost in the mix. Something I feel separates myself from the majority is attention to detail. This sneaker is accompanied by two additional lace options (tonal waxed and cotton), custom packaging, a custom calfskin leather dust bag, as well as custom engraved wooden shoe trees and shoe horn. What you buy is more than the shoe, its the entire package. I firmly believe that priced at $220 USD, we are offering a value that no one else in the industry is. No corners were cut, no aspects were left wanting. Everything matters. A very limited run of 500 pairs was created, each individually numbered on the white liner.

The Ronnie Fieg x PONY M-110 will release this Saturday, December 20th, at 11AM EST at the New KITH Shop 644 Broadway, KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave, online at KithNYC.com and our KITH App. Retail is priced at $220 USD.

With 2014 nearing its inevitable end, KITH adds another layer to one of our favorite collections to date – “New York Natives.”

Inspired by the culture that thrived in New York City in the year 1996, KITH designs original pieces that exude the aesthetic very prevalent at the time. To help display the collection true to form, Prodigy and Havoc of Mobb Deep model the garments with their distinct style. Releasing in tandem with this collection is Ronnie Fieg’s latest, and very limited, collaboration with PONY – the Ronnie Fieg x PONY M-110. Limited to 500 pairs, this sneaker is redressed using all Italitan leathers for a luxe finish.

Check out the full details here.

The KITH “New York Natives” Collection will release this Saturday, December 20th, at 11AM EST at the New KITH Shop 644 Broadway, KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave, and online at KithNYC.com.

Black Friday. One year ago KITH released the “Daytona” Collection, and it was met with overwhelming acclaim. Its amazing to see the steps we’ve taken as a brand since then. I feel as if Black Friday is one of those crystalizing moments, where a brand can genuinely display their progression from year to year. This year is surely no different, as my team and I have been preparing for this week for roughly the past 11 months.

Coming off the “Daytona” collaboration with New Balance, I began developing a concept to pay homage to the locations of our two stores – Manhattan and Brooklyn. We are at a time when it is almost impossible to release something that is unlike anything else out there, just due to saturation. I approached these two shoes with the mentality of creating a product that will hold relevance 5 years from now, because that is the test of true quality. Every time I write about a shoe I am about to deliver, I repeatedly claim it to be, “one of my favorite releases to date.” However, if I did not love each and every new venture that I set out on, then I would not be doing what I do. I will never offer something that is not at the level the consumer deserves.

With that said, my latest partnership with New Balance has yielded results that I hold in very high regard. I chose the 530 to represent Central Park, while I modeled the 850 after the Brooklyn Bridge. While they may seem like unorthodox silhouette choices, both are ones I love from New Balance, and ones that I desire to maximize the potential of.

No facet of these trainers went untouched, as both models teem with details. The 530′s color palette is meant to resemble Central Park during the late fall season, as the leaves begin to change and autumnal colors take hold. The burgundy upper is composed of a rich oily pigskin suede with quilted detailing on the vamp, as well as an off-white microperforated nubuck on the toe wrap. Goldenrod 3M was used under the burgundy netting, as well as the “N”-logos on the side panels. Tonal leather is added on the heel, which features an enlarged debossed “530”-branding in the same typography used for New York street signs. A rubberized label that represents the New York Parks & Recreation logo is emblazoned on the tongue, thus making the inspiration clear. The insoles are custom-printed, and feature a map of Central Park. The final details are a quilted poly-filled lining, and an olive gum outsole which adds to the overall aesthetic.

The colorway of the 850 is not what may be immediately associated with the Brooklyn Bridge, but being obvious is never a great plan of attack. The gradient shades of blue are made to emulate the gradient of the sky behind the bridge. A light blue microperforated nubuck is used for the toe, which effortlessly flows into a darker blue oily pigskin amidst the quarter panels. The heel is made from a high grade microperforated saddle leather, and is meant to match the limestone used to construct the bridge. The red hits on the “N”-logos, as well as the graphic on the leather tongue were inspired by the flag perched at the top of the bridge. Other notable details include custom-printed insoles which feature the schematics of the actual Brooklyn Bridge, as well as a two-tone icy blue translucent outsole that plays to the water.

The Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 530 – “Central Park” will retail for $185 USD, and the 850 – “Brooklyn Bridge” will retail for $175 USD. Both sneakers are accompanied by 3 lace options. Both will release Black Friday, November 28, at the New KITH Shop 644 Broadway, KITH Brooklyn 233 Flatbush Ave, and online at KithNYC.com at 11AM EST.